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Monday, October 31, 2011

A very busy day

EQC this morning, we're more than likely going to be a managed claim.  Most of that is due to the garage damage.  They couldn't see if the back wall is damaged (too much stuff) so whether it can be repaired or rebuilt depends on that; which Fletchers will have to decide.
No knitting today, what with EQC and work there wasn't any time.  So much for our anniversary, lol.  19 years if I calculate correctly; no mean feat in today's world, especially considering we still love eachother despite health issues and ASD children.
Speaking of ASD children today was their first day of soccer; George really enjoyed it, well he did up till Ian tackled him (wrong game Ian) and then bounced up and down on George.   It was a hot day so that combined with Ian's bounce and a lack of afternoon tea resulted in George being unwell.  He's fine now luckily.  Ian stopped playing near the beginning, but was persuaded to try again by a very pretty teenage girl (he likes girls) and had a great time!

Oh, and before I forget, we have a laptop coming to replace this computer so this one can replace the boys computer which is dying.  It's not brand new, it's a reconditioned one that had up today.   Thomas has always wanted a laptop and this is a quad core one which should well and truly do what we need.  It has a slightly slower CPU than this, but the quad core should be better than a dual for what we do.  Gaming is not something we do at all on the PC anymore now that we have the Xbox.


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