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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Day 6 Blogtoberfest

Been fairly busy today.  Got a new cord so I can shift my computer tower down to the bottom of the computer desk which will give me more space on the desk to make a mess.  Then I dropped into Riccarton Mall to hand in George's competition entry; hope he wins something it would make his day.   Seeing as I was there I dropped into Borders which was still open, they had some good specials on DVD's and kids books; $40 later I had a bunch of books to try out on George, a movie for Thomas (Gamer) and one for me (Secondhand Wedding).   I also picked up Jane Eyre for me, I've never read it and it was only $10 so worth looking at.

After I got home I finished cleaning my sewing machine and overlocker
all lint now removed and all oiled as well.  Then back to the quilting.
Here's the quilted item with the bindings applied
Now, my binding corners leave something to be desired; normally I'd make a continuous binding, but I didn't think of that till it was too late.  As a result the corners are a bodge job; but it works all the same.
And, for those of you still working out what it'll be, here's a clue:
Tomorrow I'll hopefully get the final bits on, including the sleeve at the back to hang it up with.

I'm also hoping to hear from the trampoline place tomorrow, please?  Ian's getting antsy and I think he needs some bouncing.   He turned back into a troll tonight, so hopefully some exercise will help get that out of him; he tried to throw George out of the top bunk tonight, literally!  He knows I'm not at all happy about that; and that I'm thinking of taking the bunks down; have to discuss that with Thomas first though.


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