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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interweave Crochet Fall 2011 review

Today my final copy of Interweave Crochet arrived; I'm letting my sub lapse simply because I've not really got into crochet yet and if I do I have enough patterns to keep me going for a while anyway.

There are 20 designs in this magazine and as usual there's a mix of really nice styles and things that I would never make!   The cover is attractive, a nice looking wrap in a greige colour which made me want to open the mag and take a look; so here goes.....

A Modern Jabot:
I'm sorry, but this looks like a jellyfish got caught around her neck; it's just not attractive at all.   Too many tendrils.

Purple Smoothie Vest:
I think this might be quite attractive, but being in such a dark colour it's hard to see details.  It's not overly practical being very open at the front, but appears to have nice shaping and might be a nice transitional piece.

Green Chai Cardi:
This is basically a short sleeved, cropped cardigan.  It's rather attractive, but I think it would look much better over a dress rather than with the top/trousers/boots ensemble they've chosen.  I can see it as a summer cover-up for evenings by the bbq.

Study Break:
This looks nice, it's a wide-necked t-shirt in tunisian crochet.  I do like the idea, but I think the neckline really needs to be raised; I'm not even wearing it and I want to pull the shoulders up so they don't feel like they're falling off!    Being a V-neck front and back does raise the very real possibility of shoulder slippage.

The Story of Clones Lace:
Ok, this isn't a pattern as such, but it is an interesting history on the Irish crocheted lace.  I have a book on this that was published by Dover and the lace is absolutely beautiful!   If anything will get me into crochet properly this would be it.  There is a small segment on crocheting your own small rose and wild Irish rose using the techniques.

Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap:
This is the wrap that was on the front cover, that made me want to look at the magazine.  It's one of those ever so versatile wrap/cardigan styles.  This one has short sleeves and a long front drape that can be worn n many ways, a little lacy but a lot practical and flattering.  I'm seriously considering popping this one into the queue.  It's done in fingering weight yarn and it's not like I don't have any of this to use. 

Leaf Scarffle:
This is a mitred square scarf designed to look like leaves; to be honest from a distance it reminds me of the new scarf craze made from that funny mesh yarn.   Might look better in a plain yarn, but I'm not intrigued enough to find out.  I'm not planning on trying out that new yarn stuff either.

Oak Wrap:
I like this from the back, but not from the front.  It's a wee cap sleeved  shrug style wrap and in the colour they're using looks like a repurposed hessian sack that was cut down and not fitted overly well.  How can they fit something so well on the back and totally stuff up the front?  I'm pretty sure the model looks so happy cos they've just said to her "you can take it off now".

Honeysuckle Hat:
It's basically a beanie with some travelling cables; I've seen better.

Atomic Hat:
See above, though this one is slightly nicer I prefer travelling cables on knitted items.   I do however like a nice plain beanie in DC.

Birch Bark Scarf:
This actually looks more like a lacy jabot than the first item in the magazine.  It's nice enough, but doesn't really turn on my crafting mojo.  Apparently you can wear it multiple ways, pity they didn't actually show more than one.

Friendship Scarf:
This is meant for children working together to create strips that are then braided together to make a friendship scarf instead of the traditional bracelet.  It's a neat idea, and has potential, but the colours on this one didn't work for me.   It also doesn't look braided enough to me, it is however an idea with heaps of potential; I wonder if I can teach the boys to crochet?    I'll need to practice first I think!

Turtle Tracks Blanket:
I'm not really a blanket person, but this would be a really cool one to make for a cot blanket.   It's a nice size and I think it's quite unisex with it's geometric cabling.  There's something wonderful about a nice wool blanket for a baby; polarfleece just doesn't come close.

Caramel Cardigan:
I really like this, it has shaping and they've managed to use granny-stitch without making it look like it belonged in granny's home.  It's a long sleeved cardigan with a jacket feel to it, even though I don't normally go for brown as a colour I'm still drawn to this colourway.   This will be queued, change that, it has been queued.

Blueberry Popover:
Very cute pullover for a youngster.   While modelled on a girl, this would work well for a boy too if you took the bell away from the sleeves.   A great cover-up with jeans or other casual trousers.   Ooh, just noticed, they've done a straight sleeve option for boys, yay!   And it goes up to size 12; genius!   Just going to pop over and queue this one too.   Pity it's sportweight, not much of that available here in NZ; might just have to spin something up.

Hank and Joe Vest:
This is a wonderful vest for a boy or a man and I'll just excuse myself for a moment while I queue this too; be right back.  Done, and it's DK as well, have a bit of that in the stash smile
I can see my boys in this and even my husband; it's plain enough that they won't be upset but also enough interest for me.

The Best Guy Hat Ever:
I think they might have the title on this one right, it resembles a ribbed beanie, but being crochet will propably be a bit warmer.  Might have to add this to the queue too; poor thing's getting longer and longer!   Ooh, and it's DK again, definitely queuing .

Trailblazing Tote:
I know Lily Chin is normally great at designing both knitwear and crochet, but I'm afraid I really don't like this.  It's clunky looking and while I'm sure it's eminently useable it's also really not me.   It does bring to mind Peruvian handcrafts, but not in a flattering way.  ICK.

Pacific Wave Scarf:
I don't really see waves in this, it looks more organic to me.  It's not my sort of thing, but would probably work for someone with a more eclectic style, it'd make me feel like I was trying too hard.   I think if made a lot wider though it'd make a fantastic curtain!

And that's the end of that!   No more Interweave Crochet reviews, I hope you've enjoyed the ones I've done.   I will still be reviewing Interweave Knits as I'm still getting those; well at least until I run out of space!

Onto other things.  I got some sewing done today, my 2 tunics are finished.   I did one in pink and the other in red.  Please excuse the self taken timer photo's; not overly flattering.   IRL the red crochet flower embellishment looks really nice
  The next photo is even less flattering, but I had to hold the tunic up so you could see the skirt.   This is also made my me in a grey wool blend twill fabric with some tape measure embellishment and a free-motion embroidery rose in black at the bottom
the lighter spot on the hip is not embellishment, it's flash reflection.
I've still got my corduroy trousers to sew up and a summer t-shirt and then I can get some stuff done for the boys.

In other news today Ian spent some time outside exploring our local weeds; he loves dandelion clocks

He was having a great time adding the seeds to our garden; it's not like we need more dandelions, but it was so cute I couldn't resist.    After Thomas got home we all then played tennis for a bit; I got the hiccups from laughing too much.

And just cos I can, gratuitous cat photo; Ray was enjoying the sun today


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