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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A little knitting and gardening

I went to my guild meeting today and got a little knitting done.   With the wee bit I did at home my first Dalhousie mitt is finished; still one to go, but I love it and am hoping I'll have enough yarn to make 2 pairs!

Now, the top photo is actually inside-out and I like it just as much as the bottom, which is right-way out.  I think these will be reversible.  Just one to go for the first pair.

I also got some gardening done:
That's the corn, also the tomatoes are in (under the eaves of the house to prevent frosting), onion, carrot and radish seeds are in.  The boys did the seeds and helped with the other planting.   I still have peas, dwarf beans and courgette to go in yet.   The middle of the vege patch has done itself with lots of self-seeded lettuce plants.   I gave some of those to Mum and Karen for their gardens when they came around today to do the draw for Christmas gifting.   I got Dad so I think a visit to a model railway place might be in order; need to check what scale he'll be using first though.


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They look great so far!

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