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Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 - table, what table?

Today was supposed to be spent tidying the table in the sewing room, but I got sidetracked.   There was some Left for Dead 2 time on the Xbox; Thomas and I are doing quite well on that now.   The boys were off to swimming and 10-pin bowling so we could play R18 games safely.
I did get a little tidying done in that room, just not on the table; in fact I think there's more stuff on there now!   I've cleared out 7 drawers though and am planning on getting them sorted tomorrow.  At the moment I have 4 plastic bags, one with general sewing things, one with quilting specific stuff, one with general craft stuff which includes my needlefelting gear, my Dymo label maker and also my bejeweller.   The final one is crochet and knitting stuff; now that I have my needles mostly away this isn't too big.   I've got my straights in a needle roll I made a while back, my circulars either in a Della case or on the quilted holder I made last week.   I think I need to make 2 more rolls; one for crochet hooks and the other for my DPN's.  I might not use either very often, but I'd prefer to have them in one as it makes it easier to find what I need.
As well as those bags I also have a pile of scissors, I love my scissors.  I have 3 for cutting out including a pair of Ginghers that I've not yet used; my Kai are my favourite at the moment, but the Mundial are good for slippy fabrics as they have a slight serration.  I've also got several embroidery pairs too; plus some in my knitting bags.   Good tools are important; just as well really considering how many I have!

I've decided I'm going to cast on one more project for knitting too.  Wandering Cat Yarns is having a KAL for a project using her yarns or her patterns, the project can be anything, but must be gifted afterwards.  This is the perfect time for me to cast on for my Dalhousie Mitts.   The pattern is hers, and the yarn I've chosen is hers as well; I'm planning on making them for my Mum as I already have a pair of thicker fingerless mitts in a similar colour.   She has arthritis in her hands and I can see her getting a lot of use out of them next winter.
This is the picture from the original pattern:
and this is the yarn I'll be using:
I think this should work brilliantly and will be nice and cheery in the middle of winter.   I'm going to try and get them done for Christmas; I know Mum will appreciate my knitting simply as she liked the shawl I made for her a while ago.  She's even taken that to her craft group and shown it off where it was much admired.
Admittedly it's going into mid spring here, but that's ok; winter will come way too soon!


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So glad you're joining the KAL!

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