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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That Damned Cat!

Not ours, though if we didn't have them we wouldn't be having the problems we are.
A while back we locked our cat door one way only (out) so our cats could get out but the other local greedy cats couldn't get in.   Recently though I've been catching wiffs of cat pee and wasn't sure where it was coming from.   Yesterday it became obvious from the moment I walked into the lounge that we'd had a visitor as the smell was really strong and I traced it to the bean bags.  Fabreeze didn't do much to move the smell so the next nice day I'll have to wash them with the hose outside.
Last night at 4am there was a cat fight in our laundry, when I went in they'd scarpered, but not before leaving 6 separate spray trails in that room!   I've cleaned it up, but we're going to have to lock the cat door completely and put a litter tray down for a wee bit as a short term solution.  The long term solution is going to be expensive; we're going to get a microchip activated cat door.   Just hoping that Ray can still get in as I think her chip has moved a wee bit.
One of the collar activated ones won't work as our kitties have never worn collars and since they spend a lot of time in trees I don't want to risk that; lost collars get expensive and tangled cats are not pleasant either.


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