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Monday, October 24, 2011

So tired!

Last night was a late night due to Rugby World Cup final; which thank goodness, we won!   I did some spinning during the game, back to the cotton and this is how it's looking so far:
 Quite pleased with it so far, definitely not as easy as wool fibre, but still not that bad on this wheel.  Main problem is that it is taking a long time.   I will get it finished though before I move onto something else; might do some BFL next.
So, late to bed and then a 1.30am wakeup call from youngest who has a nasty cough at night and wet his bed.   I got up to change that out and his cough got worse, we ended up dosing him with cough medicine; blessed silence, until 8.30am when he wet the bed again; I had to get up then to catch up with the washing at least.
First load of washing out and then back to C25K; after last week I went back to the first week just to get my fitness up again, will do week 1 again on Wednesday, then week 2 from Friday to the end of next week I think.   I then mowed the lawn, so that's more exercise.  Thomas at the moment is preparing for his wargaming tournament next weekend and is pretty much spending all his time on that.   I've been doing everything except the cooking pretty much.

To Christine Chu who emailed me about her plan for a healthy app.   I think it's a great idea; at the moment I don't have a smartphone so couldn't use it, but I am planning on getting one when our credit card is paid off again.   Hope it comes on Android as that's what I'll be getting.   I'm struggling with the healthy eating; a love of sweets and dairy does not help on this concept.

Tomorrow school is back, both boys are looking forward to it; so am I.   Tomorrow I'll be dropping off some more fabric to the Sallies, going into work and hopefully pin-fitting my full circle skirt.   I might also do some vacuuming; I don't want to, but once that's done then the bedroom is tidy and clean.


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