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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 - cat issue resolved (we hope)

After some research, a little asking on the Nappy Network forum and some searching for the best price we now have a Sureflap Cat Door on the way; not cheap at $257.50 including post, but that was the cheapest price we found and included the glass adaptor so we can fit it in the back door hole.   Just hope like heck it fits; the only other type of door I found needed a much smaller hole and also cost about $100 more, eep!
Tonight I'm hoping the cats will both stay inside; at the moment I don't know where Star is, but Ray is inside and we have a litter tray as well so if she needs to go she can.  The cat door is now locked both ways.

In other news I've done some tidying today; all the drawers that I use in our bedroom are now tidy; there's three bags in the car of clothes that are either going to the rag bin or else to the Salvation Army; including 2 handknits that I really don't like; so hopefully they can find a new and appreciative home.

I'm doing a touch of knitting on my Central Park Hoodie tonight; for the first time I'm trying out cabling without a cable needle.  I've seen other tutorials, but they all seemed to leave the second lot of stitches sitting out there and hoping they'd not unravel.  This to be honest scared the crap out of me!   Then the other day I saw this on Life on Laffer and it suddenly made perfect sense.   I've tried it and it works!

I also tried making my first dryer ball today; I was using Gotland wool and I was expecting it to felt really easily, but it had other ideas.   I've got it sort of felted, but at this point I'm thinking I might have to use my needle felting equipment instead, at least to get it started.

In other news my Merino is dry so I'm hoping to start getting it all ready to spin tomorrow once I've done work, groceries and my run.   Boys are still being pretty well behaved for the holidays so I have some hope I might actually get to do it.   Since I've got a mix of fibre I'm considering making batts on my drum carder; wish me luck!


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