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Friday, October 07, 2011

Day 7 Blogtoberfest - of triangles and wool

Didn't hear about the trampoline mat today, so another weekend with no working tramp; poor Ian.   Also don't know if the Xbox is on its way or not, suspect not.

Been pretty busy again though.  We've taken down the bunks and the beds are in a temporary position; hopefully this weekend we'll get the other furniture out of the way and give the boys a bit more room; I have no idea where we'll put the furniture though.   Picked up two school desks and 2 chairs from school this morning, going free as all desks and chairs are being replaced.   One had mildew on the top from a spillage, but a spray of vinegar put paid to that; they still need a proper scrub, but they're not looking too bad.

Yesterday I got a wee bag of fibre in the letterbox, it wasn't mail, it was from our guild challenge for the Christmas lunch this year and Joanne had picked up a bag of it for me last Saturday.  Each bag included some fine raw merino, silk, cotton, romney and corriedale.    We have to spin/knit/crochet/felt/weave it into something for the display of work.   I can't spin raw Merino, so tonight I was washing it, staple by staple.    It's something I don't enjoy, but unfortunately there isn't much other choice seeing as Merino is prone to felting and I couldn't find my wee vege bags that I normally use.
They should be dry by sometime tomorrow and then they'll puff up and I can start planning what I'll do with them.

Also today I got some more work done on the mystery item.   I used this:
after I'd decided what colour snaps to use:
There were 3 colour choices; the one on the far left was a deep maroon, middle is dark brown and right is baby blue.   I ended up going with the dark brown as it looked nicer somehow.   All I've got to do now is work out the positions of the tabs, sew them in place and then put the male snaps on the backing; iron on the size tags and sew on the sleeve at the top so I can hang it on the wall.   I think it's going to look fantastic!


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