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Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17 - installing a cat door

The new cat door arrived this morning, so of course I had to install it straight away.  First thing was to get the old one off; that was fairly quick and then this is what that looked like
Not overly clean, and the glass underneath was worse; so a cleaning up using water and paper towels ensued.  Once that was done the next step was of course the reading of the instructions, followed by checking to make sure it would cover the hole; which it did.   I determined looking at the fitting system that it would need some help to stay put, so out to the garage to find some silicon sealant/glue; this was recommended for larger holes in the instructions too.   Found some that was still good and applied it to one side, put the insert on, realised it was on sideways before it sealed thank goodness; adjusted, checked it was level and then blocked the whole door off from outside and in for 2 hours to allow it to cure enough to hold.   2 hours later, the other side has the same treatment and I get the rest of the door on.
Isn't it nice?   Batteries in, learning button hit and no cats to be found anywhere.   Another hour later and one turns up; won't go through, but does go through enough to be picked up on the learning program.   Another hour later and I nab cat number 2 (Star) and give her the same treatment; so far neither has gone through under their own recognizance, but at least no-one else can come in!  Here's hoping they work it out over the next day or so so I can get rid of the cat litter tray.  Unfortunately installing this thing took up much of the day, so no real tidying.   I did however go through a container in the sewing room and tidy that; as well as choosing some fabrics that have to be sewn up soon.   I found a textured cotton voile which will make a lovely tiered skirt; and a printed cotton voile for a circle skirt; just got to get those cut out.   There's also some lovely quilting cotton that I got to make myself a dress; but I'll wait on that one.

Last night I got some drumcarding done too.  This is Romney/Merino/Silk/Glitz/Corriedale/Merino/Silk/Cotton all carded together which I'm hoping to spin in the next week or so.  2 batts; one pass.  I tried a second pass on a bit and decided it wasn't going to work with the cotton component.   Fingers crossed it spins well.

Tomorrow the boys go to Grandma's for a couple of days, tidying, sewing and spinning will be happening; oh and installing a new smoke alarm in the hall as the old one went doolally this morning and the hush button wouldn't work.   Battery has been removed and I'm grateful we have the bedroom ones as well.  I'll pick up a replacement tomorrow at the same time as the PVC cement for the downpipes and the milk and juice (though from different stores)


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