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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15 - a day of much cleaning

Earlier this week a box arrived at the door, I saw it on the 1-day webiste and thought it'd be a really good idea; here it is:
Now, the reason I wanted it was this:
This is the dining room carpet; ick is probably the right word for this.  Now in the next year it should be replaced with vinyl planks, but in the meantime something needed to be done.  We can't do the new planks until EQC has assessed the house and we know what else needs to be done; that could be a bit yet, especially if it gets to the dollar value where Fletchers takes over.

This morning I unpacked the new beast and this is the same spot of carpet after cleaning:
Still not as clean as I'd like, but cleaner than I expected so I'm happy enough!   Once the carpet in there is replaced we'll still need it as eventually we'll be replacing the carpet in the lounge and the bedrooms.   They're worn through to the backing in some areas.

After I'd finished cleaning the floor I did the dining room chairs as well which look much better!   I also did the lawn and then went into the sewing room to get more done on that.  This is how it looked before I started cleaning:
at the moment it still looks like this, however I've cleaned out 7 drawers and refilled 5 of them.  I've also sorted through the top 3 baskets and have put more yarn away too.  Hoping to get more done tomorrow so I can work out where to put all the stuff that's currently on top of the table and sewing desk.

In other news, my Wollmeisse arrived from The Loopy Ewe; this is the reward for completing Camp Loopy a month or so back.   I'm really happy with it, there were a few skeins other people got that I hoped I wouldn't get, luckily mine is a lovely colour!


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