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Sunday, October 03, 2010

A heavenly weekend!

I'll post properly tomorrow, really tired today.  However I had a wonderful time down at Raincliff.  There are now two more ladies who have learnt the basics of spinning after my wee lessons.   I got 3 skeins finished including my first silk hankies, got some more work done on my Bug socks, my Catamount jersey and I also got to use a button press so I now have some very cute fabric covered buttons.  
Picked up some cheap sewing and knitting patterns, buttons and trim while there.  On the way back I may have picked up some yarn, spinning fibre and more trim including some really cool tape measure print trim.  Have to take photo's of the bounty yet, and it's dark now so will wait till tomorrow after I've gone to work, done a quick grocery trip and hopefully got hold of a friend who George desperately wants to visit tomorrow.


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