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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogtoberfest XIV

Not the day I had planned.  I had work in the cupboard that needed doing, but I expected to have a little more time.  My boss emailed wanting to know when it would be ready so I committed to tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately that meant no grocery shopping today, no knitting, no sewing, boo hoo.
Instead from 9am to 5pm with food breaks I've been working.  This does involve working with knitwear and doing handsewing, but somehow it's not the same as working on your own creations.

The good thing is I finished it all, so tonight I can do some knitting once the boys are in bed; I'm hoping to get another few inches done on the back of my Whisper cardigan.

Groceries will happen tomorrow, as will the work drop off of course and hopefully some sewing while Ian's home.  I've got to replace the backing on a couple of mattress protectors and Thomas's business trousers need some repair work to keep them going till I can make his new pair.


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