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Friday, October 22, 2010

Spindle spinning

I just realised I forgot to put this in the last post.  Yesterday I took my spindle in with me when I dropped Ian off at school.  Once all his stuff was unpacked and he'd got his whiteboard out he asked me to spin for him so I got the spindle out and started.  He started to do the spinning of the spindle, he needs a  little practice but he did it in the right direction every time, it was just the speed that wasn't quite there yet.
We attracted 3 girls from his class who found it fascinating, when Ian got bored and headed off to the reading corner, they took over helping; very cool.  One of them had a really good technique for spinning the spindle and got quite a bit of speed into it; then the bell rang and we had to stop, but a very good start to the day!


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