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Friday, October 08, 2010

Wigglies and Wollemeisse (TMI warning)

Unfortunately I got proof positive that Ian has picked up one of the 2 main banes of children in NZ; I've just had to worm him.  Poor wee chap, he's been itching all day so it's been constant handwashing.
That's the bad news for the day.

The good news.  George decided to make his necklace this morning while he was waiting to go to his friends house across the road; he strung it himself, I just put the fastenings on, that was it.
He is understandably very proud of it, he wore it all day and would still be wearing it if I hadn't told him he wasn't allowed to sleep in it.   He then had a lovely day over at his friends place and even had dinner there.  One very happy boy.
Ian spent part of the morning playing with his playdough and had some time on the trampoline and with his scooter too
That concentration!
In the afternoon I went on Twitter just at the right moment to see a tweet from The Loopy Ewe advising that they had just uploaded some Wollemeisse.   I've been wanting some of this for ages!   I immediately rang Thomas and asked if I could get some, he wanted to know if it could wait till he got home; um, no!   I explained that this stuff sold quickly, so he asked if I could wait an hour, also no cos by then it'd be gone too. Luckily he then said yes!   I popped it in my cart, and checked out really quickly, it's showing as a pending sale payment successful so I'm hopeful that I got it.  It was out of stock shortly afterwards in all colours, not just the tealy shade I got.

Now to not quite so interesting stuff.  I've found my fabric for night nappies and also for mama pads.  Now that my mooncup isn't working for me I need to go cloth overnight so I can avoid that aisle completely.   I have some lovely cotton velour so they'll be nice.  Once the pads and nappies are made then I can get onto making nice things instead of utilitarian things.

About to get back to the knitting, I'm on the yoke on my Catamount Cardigan and 4 rows off the last bug on my socks so I'm hopeful I'll get one of these finished this weekend.
Tomorrow is going to be gardening and working.  Thomas is off to a Judo thing for the weekend, back evenings, but won't see much of him at all.  I need to get my seeds planted, spuds in and remaining vege garden turned over.


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