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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A little fabric and yarn goodness

First up Catamount is dry and I've been wearing it all day; I love it!

After I dropped the boys off this morning at school I then headed off to investigate a new fabric store that's just opened in Moorhouse Ave.  It's called Moreland Fabrics and has a good range of all sorts from quilting to cheap stuff right to expensive wedding fabrics.  I came out with 7m of different fabrics.  2 lots of embroidered skirt fabric, some cotton voile for George to dye and a small piece of quilting fabric.  Fairly cheap too, I was quite pleased
The left one is the quilting cotton, will be a good blender.  The front is mauve embroidered and the one under it is a dark navy.
A little later I looked outside to see a parcel in my mailbox, went out and found my Wollmeise
Because this is the only one I have or are likely to have for some time there will not be socks happening with this yarn.  It'll probably be a shawl of some kind I think; it's beautiful and such a smooth yarn.  The colour is Aquarius.

Btw, while I've been typing this we've had another big aftershock, felt like a 5.0 on the scale to me, but will probably find out what it was in 15-30 minutes.  In the meantime I'm going to finish getting our roast chook ready for dinner so we can eat.  It's been a busy day earthquake wise here, several definite ones this afternoon.


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