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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More washing and sewing

The morning started with a trip to Silverback Cafe to meet a friend for coffee, well, in my case hot chocolate.
We've planned playdates for our children a few times but they don't seem to happen, usually due to sickness.  We had a good chat and we're going to try again for a playdate when their front gate has been installed.  Her eldest son is ASD, same as Ian so we're hoping it'll work out well.  I think they have it a little harder with his behaviour than we do with Ian though.
When I got back I started washing fleeces again, got the remains of the chocolate fleece done and also the black one; they're not 100% clean, but good enough for storage and spinning.  This is them after rinsing on the trampoline
and this is the water after I'd finished these
You'd think it was a latte, but no, that's water after washing the above fleeces; I put it on the vege garden as it's full of sheepy goodness.  Later I washed my Suri Alpaca fleece, I don't have photo's of that, but the water off that was black!  After the 4th rinse it was still pretty mucky so I've spun it out and am drying it so I can tease it out a bit for further washing.

As well as washing I went to Oderings and picked up a bag of seed raising mix so I can plant some seeds this weekend, a little later than I'd planned, but considering the weather atm I don't think it'll take long for them to sprout.  If the weather is ok on the weekend I'll dig over the gardens and direct sow peas, potatoes, linen flax, carrots etc.  Into the mix will go beans, corn, zucchini and mesclun salad mix.

This afternoon I finally finished the pyjamas!   I now have 2 more tops and a pair of trousers for next winter and I'm really pleased with them.  Next on the agenda for sewing are business trousers for Thomas, nappies for George and a skirt for me
You can see the penguin pair on the left, floral sleeves and penguin body.  The paisley pink pair has solid pink sleeves and the trousers go with that pair.  Very pleased they're finished now though.

I have my knitting group tonight, so will be working on Catamount, hopefully the sleeves will be done and attatched to the body before the night is out.


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