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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baking day

Didn't get much more tidying done today.  A couple of drawers in our room and my summer clothes are in our room now, winter back in the sewing room (put away).  Also went through my quilting stash and that's now away and tidy.
Got some spinning done though, I'm now 2/7ths of the way through my second single in "Barrier Reef", it's very bright, I'm thinking a shawl when it's done.  A large one as there will be 200 gm of probably light fingering to laceweight
After the boys got home we got some baking done.  TV privileges had been lost, so baking was my alternative.  We now have a chocolate cake waiting for icing, and this lovely item
This is tan square, I grew up with this and it brings back memories.  Ian's not sure about it, George ate his piece though.  Ian I think was disappointed because it isn't Russian fudge.   Might make that tomorrow.


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