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Saturday, October 09, 2010

It's getting late

So just a quick post today.  The morning was spent gardening through some drizzly spots.  The main vege patch is now dug in and spuds planted.  Also got most of my seeds into trays
We've got zucchini, corn, mesclun mix, passionfruit (lets see if I can kill some more), beans and I think there was something else, but not sure.   Seeing as it's been pretty warm I'm hoping they'll sprout pretty quickly.
After that we came inside as it was getting a bit too wet and the boys got some Xbox time while I sewed up these:
If you don't know what they are, they're cloth pads and will be coming in handy next week I suspect.  Much more comfy than the shop ones and a lot cheaper too considering they're all from stash.  They're not flat, I don't know how people manage to sew flat ones as my overlocker refuses point blank, but they will be absorbant and comfy.  Top layer is cotton velour, then we have one layer of Burley Knit Terry (BKT) which is a stretch cotton towelling and one layer of bamboo terry with a backing of PUL.
Time for bed now, will post more tomorrow, hopefully including the cardigan which is one page of instructions off being finished!


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