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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Expensive news, plus a nice surprise

George had his orthodontist appointment this morning to assess his teeth.  He didn't stay as still as he should have for the x-ray, but despite that it was pretty obvious he has some impressive crowding going on there as well as an issue with his front teeth meeting rather than sliding over the bottom ones.  He also has at least 2 holes in his back teeth; how this happens with regular brushing I don't know.  So, I'll be ringing the dental nurse on Monday again to get him booked in.
As far as the long term thing, he's going to need braces as a teenager.  Estimate at this point is $5000!   All I can say is I'm glad the mortgage will be paid off by then cos we'll need the money for this instead; also there goes any chance of me getting laser surgery for my eyes.
After we'd finished there we went to Beadz Unlimited and he chose a tube of blue beads and we got one of green ones for Ian.   We then were very bad and went to Fudge Cottage; I got the boys one thing of chocolate fudge to share (pudding tonight) and some toffee for me.  I felt like a treat after the above news.

Picked up Ian from Grandmas and then went home.  The nice surprise was sitting outside the back door, my latest spinning fibre swap; it's not due for sending till 23rd of the month, but I'm not complaining.  The one I'm sending is mostly put together now, just got to sort the seeds out.
What I got though was beautiful.  3 lots of fibre; 100g grey Merino dyed in food colouring, 100g white superwash Merino dyed the same and then some purple added and some alpaca blended with silk from the senders own animal.  All of them came in organza bags with some amethyst chips and hand-made fimo ends on the ties.   I also got a butterfly made from feathers (commercial) and a crocheted flower and some seeds.  The crowning glory was the most wonderful gardening apron with 3 pockets and lots of loops for putting things in like sequateurs.  Going to be using that this weekend.
It's not the best photo, the colours are lighter than they appear here and the apron is brighter.  Tis all lovely though.

On the fibre front my washing from yesterday isn't dry yet.  I've got the Suri on the electric drying rack, and the rest is going on the line and getting tossed to get the air into it.   I'm not sure what I'll spin next, but I should really finish the current Merino and Gotland that I'm partway through, then I think I might go Suri for a bit seeing as it was so hard to find.


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