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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day 12 Blogtoberfest

No photo's yet, my cardigan isn't dry.   I've started work on my next project, my "A Whisper of Earthquakes", so named as it was cast on during the aftershock period here in Christchurch.  I've got the first sleeve finished and am a centimetre or so into the back but had to stop knitting as I was falling asleep over it.   Not enough sleep over the last few nights and it's showing.
Instead I spent some time in the garden, put the guinea pigs back outside and dug over the bed in front of the lounge.  We now have pea seeds in , carrots (hope they do something this time) and also my Flax seed for growing my own fibre to process into linen.   After some searching on the net it seems it needs to be planted at 70 plants per square foot to discourage branching out and get the best results fibre-wise.  I've probably got about 6 square feet planted out so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.  I'm intending on dew retting on the lawn over winter; might have to build some hackles, but I'll see if my English combs will do the job first.

I got confirmation I'm doing a good job as a Mummy tonight, George told me he hated me after I sent him to bed 15 minutes early for an earlier incidence of disobedience.  I decided that means he's learning from his mistake and also learning that I won't be a pushover for him.  Yay me!

Yesterday the local daily newspaper "The Press" issued a book in rememberance of our earthquake on the 4th September this year.  I've talked to Thomas and he's going to get a copy on Thursday when he's in town; we both think it's something that's important to get even if it's not in the budget.  Should be an interesting read I think, especially as we were all there and it's something to show the kids too and their children in 20 years time.


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