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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yet more cleaning

After yesterdays cleaning bee I decided to tackle the dining room and lounge today.  They're both finished and loom much better!  Still got the rest of the house to go; laundry is going to be interesting with all my dyeing stuff in there as well as the usual stuff.  Bedroom is necessary as well, it's kind of got out of control.
Once all the house is tidy though then I can start thinking about the redecoration of the dining/kitchen/laundry areas.  There's at least 2 layers of wallpaper to take off first, as well as all the furniture to move.  Once that's done then I can paint the walls, they're going to be a wheaten colour, then we can get the new floor laid.  The new floor will be vinyl planks so it's easy to clean; the state of our carpet atm in the dining room is pretty bad.

We do want to do the lounge in the same colour as well, but will see how much paint I have left; the carpet in there needs replacing too, we're down to backing in some areas, but it's not in the budget and if we do that room then the rest of the house needs doing and that's going to be expensive!

Tonight I'm going to get some knitting or spinning done I think, a little well earned relaxation.   See you tomorrow


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