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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dayt XXVIII in Blogtoberfest

So Blogtoberfest is almost over and I've actually now done 28 posts this month!  Admittedly I missed the first couple of days through being away from internet access, so I've posted twice on a couple of days; but I think I've done pretty well.  Will try to keep it up.

Today.  Hmm, well there was the drop off and pick up at work, took a little longer than expected as my boss had other things come up so wasn't ready for me when I arrived.  All sorted pretty quickly though.  Then off to get 2 new cupboard handles to replace a couple that were leaving our kitchen cupboards.  Then off to the supermarket to replace the stuff that didn't arrive in my order yesterday; so that was the morning gone.

Unfortunately no inside cleaning aside from the usual dishes, washing and picking up after boys.  Mum came over later in the day and we got another section of the garden sorted which was nice.  My tomatoes are now in, Beefsteak variety.  Need to get some strawberry plants now, might take Ian out tomorrow and grab some of them.

The boys spent a fair bit of tonight playing with something Thomas picked up for them today.  Water guns, perfect for today as it was hot; they'd already been in the pool quite a lot so they finished off by squirting eachother; there were a couple of altercations over the gun they preferred.  I've just given Thomas another $10 to get a second one of that variety so they won't fight over it.  George doesn't cope well with Ian's method of fighting, however George is quite happy to start it, just doesn't like it being finished.

I had a book arrive today as well, have had a cursory look at it, once I've had a proper look I'll give a quick review.   It's Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders and definitely has some patterns in there I'll use; some I won't as well.  


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