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Monday, October 18, 2010

Christchurch Spinners and Weavers guild display

I popped in to see this after going to work this morning.  Well worth the trip I have to say.   A selection of works in the Visitors gallery in the Christchurch Museum.  There's weaving, felting, knitting and yarns; some items are for sale though I didn't buy any.
I didn't take my camera as you usually can't take photos, however I'm thinking I might put something in next time they do this as I think my work is up to standard which is nice.
Even if the display had not been on the walk would have been worth it for the flower displays in the gardens atm.  Lovely wallflowers, tulips, stock and lilacs so as well as the pretty to look at there was also pretty to smell!
The earthquake certainly doesn't seem to have affected the garden area of our park which is good.
I also met Jan from the guild with some of her family down from Rotorua, as we were talking we got watered by a passing sunshower which was kind of nice; also saw Sandra at the display as well, so plenty of guild members around town.  The guild shop should be reopening soon too, in a different spot, but still in the Art Centre which will be good.


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