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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Forest floor bugs

That's right, I finished my first colourwork knitting today.  My Forest Floor socks which are using the lovely Bug Out pattern by Morag of Vintage Purls.  It's not available for individual sale yet, but probably will be in 6 months to a year.
I will be making mittens using the same base pattern, of course you'd have to buy Morag's pattern in order to make the mittens, but the rest of the instructions will be available on Ravelry, I'm using her pattern up to the thumb, so my instructions will cover from the thumb gusset up.  I've discussed this with Morag and she's happy with this arrangement.  I'm hoping lots of people will want to buy her pattern so they can make the socks and the mittens, cos this is a wonderful pattern!
I finished the socks at today's guild session and they were greatly admired by lots of people, including some whom I consider to be the best in the business, should I name drop?   Yes, I think I will.   Anne Field was one of them.  I've yet to block them, but when I do the tension should even out.  They're not perfect, the first one is a little tight in a couple of spots, but for a first effort I'm pretty happy.  I really like colourwork so I'm doing the mittens, then a pair of socks called Gryffindor Pride, then Nightingale Socks, then Luckenbrot Vest before I tackle Henry VIII; all this is going to take a few years I think, but worth it.

I do however, have some other projects to finish before them.  I need to make something for my 2 family members that I got in our lottery for Christmas, then I can do the mittens and keep working on my Whisper cardigan in there as well.   Sewing too, and a Christmas swap is coming up.....
Never enough time unfortunately and this week will be busy as I have a display at the Museum to go to, maybe another guild meeting on Monday, the proper meeting on Wednesday night as well as the usual work and family things.

To finish off today's post I'm going to complete my review of Brave New Knits; see previous post for the purchase link if you want to buy it.

The second section is for accessories:

Textured Tam and Mitts
This is knit in a chunky yarn and I'm afraid it doesn't do much for me, the tam looks too small for the model and it's a pretty boring looking set from my point of view.  I won't be knitting it.

Lace Flower Pin
This is a decorative piece, no real use, however it is very pretty and could be attached to all sorts of things like hair clips, shawl pins etc so probably worth the knit.  I like the silver one best.

Woodsmoke Scarf:
I'm not really that into scarves, but this is pretty and would go with a lot of different things.  I do wear the occasional scarf so I might knit this one, but I suspect I'd do it all in one colour.

Chutes and Ladders Socks
Pretty enough, but I have many nicer sock patterns.  I suspect part of the problem is I like longer socks, so this doesn't really do anything for me.  

Sprouting Cloche
I really like this, it's an unusual shape and I suspect you could even fit a bun in there which appeals to me now that I'm growing my hair again.  I also like the bud shapes on the cloche, very sweet without being sickly.

Hydrangea Neckwarmer
I love neckwarmers, they can't unwind and slap you in the face as you're chasing your 6 year old down the driveway, you can arrange them around your collar and this one is solid enough to keep you warm, while at the same time having some lace to make it feminine; this is one I really want to make, probably out of handspun.

This is my favourite kind of sock, cables and colourwork.   This could be done in all sorts of colour combinations.   I will definitely be knitting this.

Lenina Cap
This is a nice skullcap shape with a horizontal banding with vertical columns as well.  It's long enough to cover ears and forehead and while a fairly geometric shape it also manages to be feminine.  I love this so it will be in the queue at some point.

Pretty fingerless mitts, but need to be longer up the wrist which would balance the design better.  I think I prefer the Blackrose mitts, which are a free pattern

Working all the Angles Blanket
First up I have to say I'm not really a fan of the knitted blanket, though there is a fairly good chance I'll end up doing a sock yarn blanket at some point.  I won't knit this myself, but I can see the appeal.  It's geometric and has some good opportunities for colour mixing.  I can see it in shades of grey on a guys bed, or shades of pink on a little girls bed; I just won't be the person knitting it.

Helix Socks
Once again, pretty enough, but not a sock that I'm dying to knit.  The top and leg have a diagonal spiralling pattern, might work better for me on a knee-high.

The Orchid Thief Shawlette
This is my favourite pattern in this book, I will definitely knit it.  Like Ysolda's other shawls it's pretty and elegant.  I like the main pattern, I love the border pattern.  Must knit this, soon!

Lubov Scarf
Pretty and a good length, looks like it would be nice and easy to remember the repeats and it would be nice and warm.   I probably won't knit it but that's because I'm more into shawls, and after the Orchid Thief this looks bland.   Maybe if they'd put it earlier in the book?

One other thing, the latest Verena arrived today, some nice stuff in there, but I'm not inspired.  I don't think I'll renew this at the end as I have to watch my budget and I don't want to waste it on a magazine I don't love.  Interweave Knits tends to inspire me rather more.

Warm Crafting everyone!


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are fabulous socks!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, they're in the wash now and I want to wear them! Need to get another pair of colourwork socks on the needles as soon as Christmas knitting is finished I think.

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