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Friday, October 15, 2010

Knitting and working

Last night I got a couple of hours done on my Whisper cardigan, I'm 4" into the back now and feeling like I'm getting somewhere.  I won't be working on that tonight though, about to try and get my final beetle done on my stranded colourwork socks.  I'd really like to get them finished tonight if I can.
Today's been busy, a drop off at work, more work to do.  Also did the grocery shopping with Ian in tow, we had a small tizzy on the floor when I refused to buy him some Natural Confectionary Co snakes, but he recovered pretty quickly.
Got the groceries packed away and gave Ian his treat before doing some more work.
I had a wee stop this evening to peruse my latest book, any books I'm getting now are from my spending money, so I'm being a bit more picky than I used to be.
I bought Brave New Knits when it came out after seeing the patterns on Ravelry.  There are some I wouldn't knit, but many that I would.  I'm going to do a very quick review of what I think of the patterns, no pictures I'm afraid, but you can look on Rav for that.

Tulip Peasant Blouse:  This is pretty, but I really feel that the sleeves don't quite work with it; I feel a set-in sleeve might have worked better, but of course that would require a complete rework of the top of the garment.

Milk Maiden Pullover:  This I love, great shaping and I love an Empire Line, it seems to suit most women.  The fitting above the bust needs some tweaking and one sleeve is sitting a bit skewed, but that may well simply be the way it was put on.   I'm planning on knitting this.

Global Cable Coat:  I love the look of this, but with the open front I suspect it wouldn't be as warm as it should be.  I'd make it able to be closed in front by adding another cable row I think, would have to think on the best way to do this without destroying the wonderful collar.  I like the sleeve length on this too.

Seaweed Vest:  Hard to tell from the photo, looks like a nice simple vest, nothing special though

It Comes In Waves Pullover:  I think this is really pretty, would make a lovely summer top.  The neckline is flattering for summer and the cables give it nice shape too.

Kimberly Cardigan:  Hard to tell with that fluffy blouse underneath.  It gives me impressions of slightly shapeless attempt at a little girls cardigan upsized.  Won't be knitting it.

Krookus Cardigan: This isn't really my style, I need shaping.  However despite this it is a very cool jacket and I think it wold look great on someone other than me.  I like A-line jackets.  I might actually have to see if I'm right by knitting it...

Silke Jacket:  Very nice wee summer jacket.  Lovely shaping at the waist, the low armhole works in this and the slightly assymetrical  neckline is very pretty.  Not sure if it would work on me due to the flaring at the hips, my hips have enough flare without help.

Delysia Camisole:  The name makes me think of "Delysia LaFosse" from one of my favourite movies "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and I think this would have looked really good on her.  Reminds me of the classy lingerie she wore.  Unfortunately I think perhaps I'm a little too well endowed for it to work on me, but for someone with a B or smaller cup I think it would look fantastic.

Koukla Cardigan:  I'm sorry, this bores me.  Shawl collar on a double breasted top with short sleeves; meh.

Johnny Rotten Jacket:  This had potential, I think it might still work if a little longer in body and sleeve and in a less fuzzy yarn.

Origami Shrug:  I really like this, it's very pretty and would be lovely for an evening out.  I don't know if it would suit me, I tend to look silly in ruffles and the back is a little ruffly, but it looks lovely on the model.

Button Tunic:  Can we say cute?  Lovely on a wee girl and if lengthened I think it would work well as a dress too.  Simple but very cute.

That's the first half of the book, I'm running out of room so I'll get to the rest later.  I have not been asked to do this review, nor have I been remunerated in any way; these are all my opinions based on the book that I spent my own money on.


KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your reviews! Sometimes I think reviewers are a little kind or possibly afraid of causing offense if they give an unfavourable comment. Why? They are our opinions, after all.

Re the Kimberley Cardigan, have a look at the photos on Ravelry. There is one there of the cardigan on a dressmakers dummy rather than the model and shows up the fit of the garment especially well. You may be pleasantly surprised... This is one book I've had my eye on for a little while and may, yet, buy. Your review has not changed that idea! Thank you!

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