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Friday, October 29, 2010

Strawberries and scars

This morning George had to go to school for a Freaky Friday.  He decided he had to do everything on the suggested list.  So last night I painted his nails red (blood drops), this morning he got dressed with everything on back to front, spiked his hair up and drew a scar on his cheek using a lip pencil and an eye pencil; it looked really cool!
A closer look of the scar
George happily headed off to school after I made him put a vest on (was cold this morning) and I then got Ian into the car to get some strawberry plants.
Ian really enjoyed the visit to Oderings, we got met by a golden retriever who really enjoyed Ian's attention and rolled over to get a tummy rub.  When we got to the strawberry plants there was another wee dog; Ian thought he was a puppy, but was a fully grown small dog.  Ian also enjoyed patting this dog.   We definitely need to get another pet for him, we can't afford a dog at the moment while the mortgage repayments are so high, but in 3 years we will.  In the meantime we'll get one or two kittens; I'm hoping that there will be some available next week.  I'll definitely give it a try anyway.
After we got home Ian had some quality time with Sonic our guinea pig while I cleaned out his cage, he'd finished off his water overnight so redid that too.  I think Sonic is feeling a little better now, he's been more active so he may be recovering from the loss of his cage mate.

In the afternoon I decided to cancel the gym for the second Friday in a row as George still has a nasty cough; if it's still bad on Monday I'll be taking him to the doctor.  Hoping it will be ok as it's finally starting to sound a little better.  Normally we would have gone to the gym seeing as it was improving, however it was cold and wet so I decided not to.  Just not worth the risk of making it worse, especially as it's been considering turning into an ear infection on a few occasions.

I've spent some time this evening doing some knitting for a change!   About 15 rows on my Whisper cardigan and I've also cast on for my Stormy Hat which is using a WWII pattern.  I'm using some of my earlier handspun, which is a superwash Merino in navy blue.  Should be nice and comfy to wear once it's done.  I'll test it on Ian as his head is about the same size as the adult I'm knitting it for.

Tomorrow I'm going to the guild, yay!  I will be spinning, especially as I might not get to go next weekend.  George is going to a camp and it looks like Thomas may have to go too to help manage his night wetting with the minimum of embarrassment.  Thomas thought his Mum was going, but she has other commitments and can't go.


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