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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A giveaway I found and cleaning

First the interesting part, I found this giveaway via one of the other blogs I follow, it's for 40 fat quarters and it's beautiful, if you're into quilting you'd be mad not to enter!  Admittedly I'm selfishly hoping you won't win, and that I will, but enter anyway.

More mundane stuff; I've been cleaning in the kitchen.  All the cupboards and drawers have been cleaned and rearranged, I've found stuff that's never used to sell or give away and all I have to do now is the dishes and cleaning up of the bench and our kitchen will be beautiful!   I can't get Thomas to help unfortunately, he's away today and tomorrow wargaming, though with it being his birthday I can't really complain too much.  George can't help as he has a nasty coughing bug with occasional high temperatures and Ian's wanting to play Xbox with George for some strange reason.

In fibre related news my flax is starting to sprout, so all going well I'll have 4 square feet of flax plants to process late summer, or at least to start gettting ready to process; I'll save the seed too.


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