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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just one room to go

And it's the worst one in many ways.  Technically it's my crafting room, in reality it's that plus my work storage area and our dumping ground.  Here's what it looks like now.
Kind of a mess atm, there's sewing stuff, spinning stuff, knitting stuff and stuff stuff.   I'm not working on it today, the rest of the house has been worked on today so now both bedrooms are clean and tidy, so's the hall and the laundry.  The other service areas weren't too bad so I've just got a wee bit to do in the cupboards.  Still the hall cupboard and a couple of bedroom drawers as well; but in general it's looking much better now.

Unfortunately I didn't get any crafting done at all today, will have to do some tomorrow and maybe work on the sewing room every second day while I'm not doing paid work.  We did take a short break though, headed out to the dairy for an iceblock each and a walk.  It was a nice break.  Unfortunately the long weekend is pretty much over now.


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