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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I seem to have spent most of the day trimming things.   Started with the boys and their hair; things were getting a bit long and birdsnests were turning up in the mornings so a number 3 was called for.   Then I got them to help me after I trimmed the Pittosporum outside their window, popped all that in the compost.  Shifted the finished compost onto the vege garden, haven't dug it in yet though as I want to give the worms time to evacuate into the ground properly.
Then I trimmed the lawn with the mower, once that was done the boys helped me trim the edges.
George trimming the swingset growth.

Ian trimming near the sandpit

Star watching the whole thing wondering what in the heck her people are up to!
I then moved inside and started trimming the next lot of things, the selvedges off the quilt backing flannel.  Some decisions had to be made with it as I don't have enough, apparently my brain was off on holiday when I ordered the backing.   There will be more piecing, this time of jelly rolls so the flannel will be in 4 pieces; you'll see what I mean once it's done, but here's the pile
Looks messy now, but there is a plan.
And finally although I got no knitting done I did fill 2 bobbins on my wheel.   There's still a fair bit of fibre in the bag, I'm suspecting another 3 bobbins worth.
The flash didn't seem keen on illuminating the dark brown singles.  There is however another bobbin further down also done today.
I also got a pair of trousers and a skirt trimmed and turned up for hemming.   The actual sewing of said hem will happen tomorrow all going well.

Thomas got home early from Judo, he popped something in his knee and while it's not swelling it does hurt, quite badly going by the squawks when Ian tries to sit on it.   I've put Anti-Flamme on it and Ibuprofen into him (he objected, but I insisted) and he'll be pulling out of the Masters competition tomorrow.   Hopefully it's something that rest will fix, but knowing him there will need to be doctors visits followed by visits to physio, sigh.

So, tomorrow will be sewing, knitting and spinning all going well.   I've done lots of household and garden chores today so I deserve a little rest tomorrow.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

What is it with men and resisting taking anything for their pain? Dave is terrible about it!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think men aren't supposed to feel pain, therefore pain relief cannot possibly be needed. Luckily for them though, we know better.

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