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Thursday, October 18, 2012

8.6 k's! Blogtoberfest

That's how far I went on my bicycle today!  I popped the panniers on the back and put all the information for the new garage in there before heading off to Durasteel to get a quote in process.   I should have the quote by the end of next week and tomorrow will be the discussion with Jay of Fix-It as to how things go ahead and what he thinks is earthquake damage that we haven't picked up on.  As well as the Scope of Works I have a list of my own.  Might have to give Skyline another call as well, get their quote from March reworked.

Got most of the housework done, mended T's judo gi pants and did the ironing too.   I still have a pair of trousers to turn up the hem and my full circle skirt to shorten by 3".   I'm not fond of hemming so have been putting it off.  Will do it on the weekend though as I will have another pair to do then.

I did get some knitting time though, finally got past row 88, have in fact finished row 90 and will start beading on row 92.
The beads I'll be using.
I also got some piecing done for the back of George's quilt
Isn't it pretty?  This will be running up the middle of the back of the quilt from top to bottom.
I've got a sore throat now, Ian's been winding me up all afternoon.   His spelling was like pushing the proverbial uphill, then tonight he's been stealing food and then jumped up and down on George's bed and has snapped one of the slats.    I love him, but right at the moment I don't want to see him again for a while.  Anyone else feeling that way about their kids at the moment?   Damn, I need sugar right now and there's no sweets in the house.


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