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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October 3rd, Blogtoberfest

Today's list was mostly done

1.  Get anti-aphid spray from garden shop

Got the spray, made it up and sprayed the evil little sods, not sure if they're dead or not but I'll check again tomorrow.  The spray is an organic friendly one which was nice, I got lots of it under the leaves.   It's a mineral salt one so they shouldn't become immune to it either.
2.  Tidy another cupboard
Took a look in the saucepan cupboard and determined there is nothing in there I can get rid of until I get rid of the breadmaker, testing making bread the old fashioned way tomorrow to see if this is in fact an option.
3.  Knitting
Hmm, didn't go well.  I did 2 rows, started a third and something wasn't right, tinked back only to realise that I'd jumped a row and there was in fact nothing wrong with the knitting I'd tinked.  Re-knit that row and put the whole thing down.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did get one of the items from yesterday done today though, the boys and I played a board game after they came home from the Autism Society.    We also made (and ate) a batch of pikelets.

Tomorrow the boys are home for the day so the plan is a touch different; they need to be involved and although they will probably get some Xbox/computer time it won't be until after some healthy time doing other things, things like:

1. Helping me clean windows
2. Making bread
3. Maybe make some real pasta now that I have a drying rack for it.
4. More gardening
5. I want to start sewing George's quilt so he and I can decide on a layout
6. Play another game with the boys
7. Work
8. Knitting - probably CPH as the shawl is a bit too involved to do when there is the potential for interruptions, as proved by today's little debacle.  Hopefully I'll get far enough to warrant a photo to liven up the blog.  

In the meantime this is what I've been listening to over the last few days

Love this song, such a good beat to it and there's a story in there too which is nice.


Farm Fancies said... Best Blogger Tips

Just dropping by for Blogtoberfest. You are certainly having a Spring clean!

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