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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love my Smartphone! Blogtoberfest

Took the car in for its warrant this morning and she passed with flying colours.   I would however have to fail their toilet as I got locked in!   All I can say is thank goodness I now have a smartphone.   Turned on the data on it, got up their website, found their contact number and then called them so they could rescue me.  No-one heard me banging on the door as it was so noisy.   Luckily they answered the phone quickly and when they couldn't get the door open went and got a screwdriver and got me out.

The only thing that came up is the water level in the brake fluid is getting a little high, so I've asked my BIL to help me change that out, he's happy to teach me so I can do it myself with a little help next time.

When I got home I tried to knit row 88 again, it still didn't work out, so tinked that, and the 2 rows before.  I had the correct stitch count for the row before that so another go at row 86 was all I had time for.    Yay, I now have the right stitch count, have done the following purl row and am ready to have go 3 at row 88 again tomorrow all going well.   I also got 10 rows done on my sock while at VTNZ getting the warrant.

Tomorrow will be garage appointment and if the weather is nice I might bike there.   I put the saddle bag on tonight so it's all ready to go.   Then it'll be housework to get things ready for the inspection tomorrow for earthquake damage.    Plus a little sewing to clear the floor of the sewing room a bit.    Looking at that lot it might be Friday before I get that row of knitting done.


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