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Monday, October 08, 2012

October 8th, Blogtoberfest

No crafting today unfortunately, too busy working and on the phone.   I knew that I wouldn't get crafting done with George at home though.

Ian went swimming and to the Sensory Room with the Autism Society and he had a wonderful time, as did his caregiver so that was good.   George wrapped himself in the quilt his aunt had been using on Saturday night and watched movies, I refused to let him watch Cartoon Network as I can't stand it myself.  No X-box for him today after he booted his brother in the back with no warning; he whined of course but I didn't give in.

The phone calls this morning were to EQC to investigate opting out, after that chat we are definitely opting out, it's now just a matter of who with.   We were told our job was not a high priority and wouldn't be started till 2014 at the earliest; we only have storage covered till April 2013 and with a likely finish date of 2015 that means finding funds for that for 2 years!    Not an option.   Also Fletchers can't do extra work and we need the garage replaced with a different configuration and a little more space.   I've got one company coming around tomorrow, and have left a message with another.  Hopefully a friend of ours will come up with suggestions as to who to use that's happy to wait for payment until EQC pay invoices to us as we can't afford to cover them till EQC pays up.

In other news I think our quilt just got bumped down my to-do list.   On Saturday night my sister-in-law was snuggling into the Patchwork Prism Quilt I made a while ago.  Now it was my brother (her husband) who made us the gorgeous rimu coffee table that's now in our lounge for our Christmas present and I've been trying to come up with something to if not match that (as I don't think I can) at least make it obvious how much we appreciate it.   I'm going to make a quilt, probably the same pattern, but I'll check my books before making any definite decisions.   I have another blanket that would be a suitable batting, there's some old flannel sheets that I'll check for condition first for the backing and a stash for the front.   George's quilt will need to be finished first of course, but once that's done I'll concentrate on this.   I think my dress might have to wait too.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, the weather forecast isn't great so we won't be washing the windows outside, might do some of the remaining ones that are mucky on the inside though.    There's the appointment with the company for opting out and the dreaded work.    I'd really like to do some work on George's quilt too, or maybe my dress if I can find room on the lounge floor to get the muslin cut out.  Wish me luck!


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