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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

October 2nd, Blogtoberfest

Here's yesterday's list:

1. Finish prepping main vege garden
2. Replace back door lock and install deadbolt as well; tighten other deadbolt
3. Play some games with the boys
4. Baking.
5. Work
6. Knitting
7. Tidy another cupboard

1. All the weeding of the vege patch is completed, still need to dig the compost out of the bins and put it in there, but at least now you can see the dirt.   The boys helped a lot so got some Xbox/computer time as a reward.

2.  All done, though had to get my FIL's help.   The old lock was a little reluctant to leave and we were thinking we'd have to get a locksmith in at one point.   The 2 deadbolts were easy, even the installation.   Loving the new setup though, so much easier to get in and out!

3.  Didn't happen, but the boys were involved in what I was doing this morning and we had fun.

4.  Made ginger fudge square, boys enjoyed some for afternoon tea

5.  Currently doing work

6.  Knitting probably won't happen today, running out of time

7.  Tidied the biggest cupboard.   Removed some casserole dishes that I use occasionally and replaced them with the accessory tray for my food processor.   Hopefully that'll mean I use the processor more often now that I don't have to fight my way to the bits for it.   Also put the Kitchen-aide stuff in there too.  

I also discovered that my plum tree has an aphid infestation, normally I'd use Neem oil but last time I did that after flowering we lost all the fruit so this time I'm going to buy some systemic aphid spray; it's not organic but I risk losing the plum tree if I don't take action.

So, tomorrow's list:

1.  Get anti-aphid spray from garden shop
2.  Tidy another cupboard
3.  Knitting

I do need to replace the kitchen taps, but that's a little scary so I'm building up to it.   Outside tap also needs doing, but also slightly scary.   I may well end up doing them on Monday so if I stuff it up we've got a chance to get a plumber quickly.  I do have the taps at least.   There are more that need doing, but I don't have the new taps for them; they're all in the bathroom.

One good thing, I found a bag we can use for a swimming bag for one of the boys, so that means I only need to make one.  If need be I can survive with only 1 for this year as the boys go swimming a week apart so don't both need it at the same time.


Bron said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow they are some lists , you are totally organised ... x

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

This is not how I normally am, but it's school holidays so if I want to get anything done I need a list to refer to.

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