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Thursday, October 04, 2012

October 4th, Blogtoberfest

The list I made for today:

1. Cleaning Windows
George did the lounge and conservatory and Ian did the dining room.  That's just the inside, but now they're mildew free which is nice.   The outside will mean a visit to the storage unit to get the gear to do the cleaning; might do that on Saturday as it's close to spinning.

2. Making bread
Despite me using the old jar of yeast and then having to add some fresh and whoops on one of the kneading bits it seems to have worked and didn't take a lot of time either!  I'll be cleaning the breadmaker and putting it on Trademe, if I'm going to make bread I'm just as likely to do it using the Kitchenaide as I am using the breadmaker.  It's a really good breadmaker and deserves a home where it will get used rather more often.
It was delicious, I'll be making more, lots more!

3. Maybe make some real pasta now that I have a drying rack for it.
Didn't get around to this, maybe on the weekend.

4. More gardening
We vacuumed instead, lounge/dining/kitchen now all sorted, but we did water the lettuces and seedlings.  Only things not showing any sign of movement yet are the celery, tomatoes and zucchini.

5. I want to start sewing George's quilt so he and I can decide on a layout
I did get started, 2/3rds of the way through the 2.5" strip piecing.

About halfway through the piecing.

6. Play another game with the boys
No, didn't do this

7. Work

8. Knitting - probably CPH as the shawl is a bit too involved to do when there is the potential for interruptions, as proved by today's little debacle.
Dyed 200g of sock yarn, I think it needs another dip in a tomato red as the crimson has come out a little too pink.   Might do that tonight.  The yarn was from the Milton Mill, 200g worth.  I've run out of time for knitting now, but tomorrow's a new day.

A bit too pink, that lighter bit is the mink yarn which has taken the colour differently.

I think I've also worked out what's causing my dry hands, it is likely the pump soap in the kitchen and I've just put bar soap there instead.

Tomorrow is going to be devoted to knitting, I'll drop the boys off at their day activity and then sit down and knit (please no tink).  A wee bike ride to Barrington to get some printer ink will be the only other thing aside from possibly some Xbox time.


Miss Prudence said... Best Blogger Tips

now that is a productive day!

NatashaMay said... Best Blogger Tips

Your list is coming along great. :) I'm afraid to write mine cause I tend to procrastinate. :))

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, I kind of feel I should have got more done but I know I did get heaps done.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

So do I, hence the list! If I don't make the list I tend to fluff around and get nothing done.

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow you got lots done - I love a good list, even if I don't always get through everything on it!
I will confess I have been known to write on the list something I have done and then cross it off!!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I have on occasion popped things on the list that have been done too, it makes the list look better ;)

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