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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paint Samples. Blogtoberfest

This morning while getting the veges I dropped into Resene to get some colours for doing the eaves of the house this summer, and the gables too.  Normally I'd get my paint from there, but this time although I'm getting the samples I'll get the paint I need from another shop as I have vouchers to use.   Pending the results of the test pots we'll be using Parchment for the eaves to replace the cream that's mostly gone (it's not as dark IRL) and Stonewashed on the gable to replace the camel colour that's currently there.   I really hate that camel colour and the Stonewashed is more of a taupe which should look much nicer.  

We've also got the quote from Fix-It that will be presented to EQC which no doubt they'll argue about, only a couple of minor details not quite right and I've let them know so they can adjust them.   Will be interesting to see how that pans out when EQC do get here to go over everything.  We know they won't agree to everything, despite the fact that it is all due to earthquake damage.   In any case I'm hoping that before the end of summer we'll be sorted on that front and that we'll have done the painting, we can't do the gables till the EQC work is completed, but that's ok, paint will keep.

In other news I spent the afternoon before school pick up knitting and I cast off the Orchid Thief 30 minutes before school got out!
It's now blocking on the lounge floor, but I'll shift it to the conservatory before bed so the cats can't get to it.
Hard to get a good pic at night with the flash, but she's beautiful.   I'll weave the ends in once she's dry.
Now to decide if I'll work on Breakwater or Central Park Hoodie next.   CPH is much older, but Breakwater will be useable in summer which CPH most definitely won't be!


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

You orchid thief is lovely - I'm thinking it might just be my next shawl

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think so too, about to take it off the blocking board as it's been warm and windy so it'll be all dry now.

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