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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hemming is one of my most hated jobs, I don't know why but I just don't enjoy it at all.  Today I did 2 hems for me and 2 for my Sister-in-law.   The two for me were both machine sewn, hers were hand-sewn and all were completely appropriate for the garment concerned.
2 machine sewn hems, one a full circle skirt, the other moleskin jeans.
Then I moved onto piecing for the back of George's quilt, done the first lot of jelly rolls, but my shoulder was a little unhappy so I stopped machine sewing after that; I've learned to listen to my body nowadays and this way I should be able to do some more tomorrow without pain.
Needs pressing, but I'm saving that till the next lot is done.
So then I moved onto knitting, I was in the mood and the boys were occupied on computer and x-box by then so I could do lace without interruption.   2 rows of pattern and one plain purl were achieved which was fantastic.
Little blue beads, pretty.
Tomorrow I'm going to pay a visit to J'aime les macarons for the third time in the hope that I might get lucky and get some salted caramel macarons.   Last 2 visits they were sold out.  I know I'm supposed to be giving up sugar, but I have done really well and cut down drastically, no hot chocolate in 2 weeks now.  A little icecream has snuck in though I'm afraid.    If I do get any of the macarons tomorrow I'm probably going to be horribly selfish and not share.
Tomorrow I'm also planning on more piecing for George's quilt, I'd like to get the back finished, I can't actually baste the layers together till the lounge is clear of children.   I will also try to get some more done on the shawl.


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