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Friday, October 19, 2012

Oops, cast on! Blogtoberfest

Busy day again today, Thomas went off to Wellington and then rang me to say he'd forgotten his pies which were still at work in the fridge and wouldn't cope till Monday.    That had to wait though, first we had the guy from Fix-It around to go over the Scope of Works to see what needed to be done.  He picked up a few things we hadn't noticed.   So things are definitely in motion, I emailed the Opt-Out form to EQC today as well.   Not much else I can do right now, just wait.  It does feel good to have things started though.

I got 2 rows done on my shawl, I should have got 3 done but unfortunately having to go and collect the pies cut into that, and I can't even get revenge by eating them, cos they're all curried; ick.  Never mind, the first row of beading is in and it looks pretty, unfortunately I left it till now to take a photo and it's dark and the flash is useless.
See, beads!
Since I couldn't concentrate on the shawl tonight (need TV on to stop from hearing boys settling) and I couldn't see well enough either I cast on my Goodale in the hand-dyed yarn I created especially for it.
I'm changing skeins every row at the moment as they're both so different from eachother despite being dyed in the same pot of dye at the same time.  Unfortunately I don't have a short 3.75mm circular so I'm doing this on a long cable and magic looping, I know it'd be easier on a shorter one, but can't justify spending on needles at the moment when I have something that will do the job.

Tomorrow is the first day of Labour weekend, Thomas has his judo tournament so I won't see much of him.   I'm planning on trimming the boys nails and hair (not a fun job), knitting, sewing, spinning and possibly some baking too.   I'll have to do a cake to celebrate an important birthday, but that can wait till Monday.


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