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Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 1 Blogtoberfest

Yesterday was fairly busy with gardening (my hayfever did not thank me for that!), baking, knitting and some cutting out of fabric.

Quilt - all the bits that make up the blocks for George's birthday quilt are now cut out and ready to go, no sewing done yet as I'm concentrating on:

Knitting - Finished the first repeat of chart 3 of my Orchid Thief and it looks gorgeous!  3 more times around this chart before I move on, hopefully I'll get a chart repeat done each day but that depends on what else we're doing
Beauty in mid-creation
I've also cast on for the fronts of my Central Park Hoodie and finished the first row, so I'm getting somewhere there too.

Sewing - not much happened here, have added the need to make a swim bag for each of the boys for next term's swimming lessons and I think George needs another pair of shorts or two.  I did get another box of fabric noted on the Excel file though, so that's good.  I seem to have a lot of embroidered fabrics.

Gardening - the main vege patch is almost clear, ran out of room in the green bin, that'll probably get finished tomorrow and today I picked up some more lettuce plants as some of the first lot died.

On the list to do for tomorrow as the boys are home
1. Finish prepping main vege garden
2. Replace back door lock and install deadbolt as well; tighten other deadbolt
3. Play some games with the boys
4. Baking.
5. Work
6. Knitting
7. Tidy another cupboard

Time to go and get the boys shortly, might do some work this afternoon, and make sure I have everything I need to replace the door lock.

Edited to add:   I also cleaned out the corner cupboard in the kitchen, you know the one.   It's the one where everything ends up and nothing can ever be found, the black hole.   It now contains baking stuff and plastic containers.   All the drink bottles are now in the cocktail cabinet (we don't have any booze in there) and the baking trays that won't fit in the corner cupboard are also in the cocktail cabinet.    It looks so much better in there now, and I've added a couple of things to the list of stuff to sell/give away.


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