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Friday, October 26, 2012

Quilt Prep. Blogtoberfest

No photo's today, but I did get a fair bit done.    I got the basting spray from Stitches using a 20% off coupon I got for doing a quick survey for them.   I also got some more fabric, will be the last for a bit but I now have what I need to make the quilt for my brother and his wife which is good.  
I couldn't baste George's quilt together as I need to do that outside and the wind was too strong today.   First fine and calm day we get I'll be spray basting it, I did trim the backing today though, still have to trim the batting.
I also got out the Patchwork Prism Quilt pattern and went through the stash to pick out what I"m going to use for the quilt that's being made up next.   I now have a paper bag full of fat quarters ready to be cut out.

I also got a few rows done on CPH, not many but at least it's a little closer to having the ribbing done on the fronts, and I filled the green bin again with the weeds down the driveway access.   My wrists are complaining, I react to weeding but it's got to be done.

The garage quote didn't arrive, hoping it will on Monday, it's possible when he said I'd get it this week that he forgot it was a short week.   My confidence levels in the other place are not high when he forgot the internal walls completely and even when reminded only put one in and hasn't actually put a cost in.

Tomorrow my brother-in-law is teaching me to change my brake fluid in the car.   Hope it goes well!  Not sure what else I'll get done, chores of course, but hopefully a little quilting or knitting or spinning, that would be nice.


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