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Friday, October 12, 2012

Crafting day - Blogtoberfest!

Well, got the grocery shopping done but despite not getting many treats was still expensive.  Most of the meat was dated to expire and either use by today or freeze.   I think pricing's gone up, I also think it's time to stop buying stuff that's pre-prepared and start scratch making, will be better for us too.   Got hit with some horrible sugar cravings today too, I know what that's related to, will have to be stronger next month and not give in.

I did get some craft time though, 4 rows short of finishing section 3 of the Orchid Thief
It's starting to get bunched up on the cable now
Also some work on George's quilt, I'm loving this!
My piecing is getting better, I think I'll get the piecing finished tomorrow all going well, weather forecast is rainy.
I have spent a little money today on DVD's, which I shouldn't have and some on fish oil, which I should.  Will do better for the rest of the month.   My yarn from Vintage Purls arrived today too, it took a side trip to Palmerston North, but finally arrived.
This one is for Thomas

This one is for me, possibly for Catkin  with some gold that's on its way.
Tomorrow is guild, the first hour will be committee meeting, then I get to present a small item on doing correspondence courses through Creative Fibre, hopefully someone else will be doing it too, guess I'll find out.  Once that's done I'll be quilting and maybe knitting, the garden needs work but it's supposed to be pouring cats and dogs so that'll have to wait.


tikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Your orchid thief is looking gorgeous!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, can't wait till it's finished!

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