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Monday, October 15, 2012

Blurgh day, Blogtoberfest

I didn't sleep well last night and then this morning I was feeling a bit blurgh, feeling a lot better now but didn't have the concentration to do much most of the day.   I did get one sock finished though
Isn't she pretty?   Have to get the next one done as I really want to wear these!
I then had a bit more work on the opting out process.   We've told Fix-It we're going to use them, got the resource consent forms from the council, spoken to 2 garage places to get drawings and quotes.   I've filled out EQC's forms but not yet signed them, will do that tomorrow and scan and email them.   One of the garage places already has a quote for us but it was back in March so needs updating.   Should have that one by the end of the week, have an appointment to go see the second one and will take all our stuff with me.
Fix-It are coming to do their walk-through on Friday to get their quote for EQC ready to go.   I'm not expecting any actual building to start till after the Christmas break, but at least it gives us something to look forward to and I've found out more information today too.    We are on TC2 land so we're going to need a land test which sounds expensive, but at least that will be part of EQC's bill to deal with.
I suspect that things will be really busy while all this is being organised, but it'll be well and truly worth it in the end.   I think we'll do some of the finishing work on the garage extension ourselves to save money though and we'll have to get the fencing sorted before the garage is started, not looking forward to that bit.
I already have a pile of paperwork and we're barely started!

After I got as much done on that as I could I was feeling a bit better so got 2 more rows done on my Orchid Thief; got to get that finished before the build gets too involved as that has a time-frame on it, as does the quilt of course.  
Those markers?   They are I hope in the centre spine of each flower as I'm planning on beading it.
Tomorrow will be busy too, got to pick some fabric up from a friend at some point, that won't take long though.  Also got to do some tidying and cleaning so that things aren't too messy on Friday, and of course some knitting or quilt making.    Not enough hours in the day.   Oh, and no time to be sick, just saying.


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