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Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 October, Blogtoberfest

Pretty boring day.  Windows washed (mostly by George who volunteered after seeing me doing it), did a lot of work, catalogued 2 drawers full of fabric and freed up another drawer for yarn.    Unfortunately no actual using of said yarn or fabric though.

Tomorrow?   Well, there's the groceries while the boys are at the Autism Society; no way was I doing the shopping with them in tow, I'd spend too much!   Really trying to take the groceries back to basics to save some money, and maybe if I'm lucky some knitting would be nice.  School's back on Monday which will be nice.  Right now I'm going to go and heat some milk, melt some chocolate and sit back and relax, oh, and I'm definitely going to have to find something to watch; hate X-factor!


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