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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2nd to last day of Blogtoberfest

In two days normal transmission resumes, as in I post when something of note happens, not every day.   Under normal circumstances today wouldn't warrant a post.

I went out to The Warehouse and got a Darth Vader figure and a new stainless steel rubbish bin which was marked down from $40 to $20 to replace our plastic one that broke the other day.    Not exactly noteworthy.

Went to start quilting George's quilt, realised I'd forgotten to get the monofilament thread I need for the ditching, so put it in the car for tomorrow when I'm out and about again.  I'll get the right colour for the free motion quilting at the same time.   As a result, no quilting.

Didn't feel like knitting, did end up ordering a beading hook as I can't find mine anywhere and I'll need it for the KAL starting on Thursday, well, it'll probably start on Friday as our Thursday is earlier than the designers.  Instead I played Rage on the Xbox for a while and did chores.

Kids did troll impressions again tonight, have both lost Xbox and computer for the weekend (while I'm being a single parent, yay).   George got caught about to hit his brother over the head with a chair.   Those boys really need separate rooms now, but there's no way that'll happen till the garage is up.

See, a whole day with nothing worth reporting at all!    Might start thinking about what designs I'm going to quilt for George, it needs to be simple for a beginner, but not too floral.


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