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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilt Top, Blogtoberfest

The morning saw me finish the quilt top:
It'll have a charcoal binding.   Now that this is finished I started to get everything together for the backing:
On the left is the striped flannel and on the right is a bunch of charm squares in some of the same solid colours as the top, with one surprise fabric in there.   No point in starting on it today as I need the lounge floor to cut the selvages off and cut everything ready for piecing.   I chose flannel for the squish factor, once that's done then I get to baste the top, batting and backing together; one of my least favourite parts of quilting.

In knitting news I've finished the third section of the shawl, but as it looks the same as before no photo, will start the final section tomorrow when there are no children to distract me as row 86 is supposed to be challenging.
I've also started the round toe for my sock, but like the shawl you can't really see any change yet; hopefully tomorrow it'll be finished too and I can cast on its mate.

Did a bit of measuring and diving into information from our insurance and mortgage files.   I've determined that even with the covered deck, house, kids play hut and the new garage building we will still be under the 40% section coverage we're allowed under local laws, so that's good.    That's only taking into consideration the part of the section that is buildable, we can't count the bit that goes to the street apparently so I haven't.
Tomorrow we have our second building company coming to have a look, then we will decide who we're going to use for the job.   I'm pretty sure the garage will be subcontracted so I'll need to get quotes and drawings for that fairly urgently.   I've got a couple of recommendations for that part, one of the companies we looked at last time made too many errors in their quote (double the number of double-glazed windows for example) so we won't be going back to them.   Rather exciting really!


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I never thought about flannel for the quilt backing! That would make it so nice and cozy!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It does indeed, our couch quilt has a flannel back and people just gravitate to it on a cold night.

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