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Friday, May 04, 2012

Bits and Bobs

This will probably be a photo-less post.    Just wee bits of news and stuff I'm doing in whatever order they come to mind.

1st is the garage/EQC thing.   I've had real problems getting hold of the chap I've been dealing with, he was supposed to ring me on Thursday morning but he was running true to form and didn't.  This morning I left a rather upset message on the local hubs voicemail and the words "pissed off" were uttered.   I don't normally use that sort of language on voicemails, but I'm afraid it's getting to me and I'm also tearing up more than normal too.   My stress levels are obviously elevated atm and if I'm feeling like this I can't imagine what those people in the orange and white zones are feeling.   I ended up getting Dh to ring them and the end result is nothing is going to happen for quite some time, any information we've been given in the past about escalation etc is incorrect, nothing can be done and we just have to wait.   Also garages are way down on the priority list.   I'm suspecting that in a years time we will still be waiting and our insurance will no longer be paying for storage of garage contents; we'll be having to wear that ourselves.  At the end of the day there's nothing we can do about it and I'll pick myself up and keep on keeping on.

Part of keeping on is obviously my crafting.  

Yesterday I cut out 5 pairs of school trackies for the boys; Ian shot up since last winter and has several inches of gap at the bottom of his.    I've cut them all in size 10 and will make deeper hems than normal to allow for future growth.    Will start the sewing as soon as I've posted here.

I've determined that I can't do a picot cast-off for my cowl using the handspun mohair as it's just too hard to work with so instead I'm going to do an extra stretchy one and have a plain edge at the face.   That edge is normally achieved by a provisional cast-on and then taking that cast-on and casting-off with the picot's.   Not going to work with my yarn at all; will still be lovely though.    I'll cast on for that shortly, but first I need to finish Ian's mittens.
The second mitten is almost finished with the increases and I'm hoping I'll get to the first squirrel today at their gym practice.

My quilting is not yet moved further; I had to get more thread the other day and haven't reset the machine since; that and the school clothes are a higher priority.   I'll get onto the quilting this weekend, need to cut out for the next one too.

One good thing about the whole EQC thing though is I can ring the carpet company next week and arrange laying of the carpet; I have no idea where we'll store the old stuff that we're keeping, but we'll work something out.  I'll need to talk to work about taking a week off to sort the house for that I think.

In other news I've decided I need to cut out the sugar from my diet and once again stop spending, this is part of the reason for sewing school clothes rather than just popping out and buying them.   We've go expenses coming up next week like the car service and also my teeth aren't happy (continuous ache in one).   I really want to start making a decent dent in the mortgage so that when we need the money it's all available.
The sugar thing means I'll have to give up my hot chocolate, but that's expensive stuff and I really shouldn't be that dependent on it; I am, but I shouldn't be.   I'll finish what's there, don't believe in wasting it, but once it's gone....


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