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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh Dear

Looks like we'll have another nasty big bill, yesterday after getting home from a trip to the storage unit I noticed the car was leaking, when I took a look, this was what I saw:
 See all those splash marks?   That's the coolant coming out of the thing at the top of the photo; I have no idea what that is, but suspect it might incorporate the water pump.   I was warned that if it hadn't been flushed and changed for a while the water pump might go when it was done, not a high likelihood, but my luck is running true to form.    I think atm the finance gods are having a bit of a downer on us.
We've also had Dh's glasses, other stuff for the car, dentist, spraying the Oamaru stone on the house (4 yearly maintenance), the dishwasher throwing a wobbly (about $700).  We still need to do other things too, but they have to wait; there's new glasses for me, we need to get a plumber in to fix both loos and replace some taps and Thomas needs new running shoes.   Finance gods, enough already!   Time to send some relief please.   Really though, we're lucky, it'll put us in debt but we can dig back out of that hole.

Back to the usual channel now.  Been working on the quilt and I attempted to take a photo today.  The wind didn't want me to, so this is the best one
I took this photo in the microsecond between wind gusts.   I also got the backing prepared today, so tomorrow I should be able to join it all together
Flannel print backing; now all joined and seams pressed, should be nice and snuggly on the back.

Started my test-knit the other day for Morag (Vintagepurls designs), I'm knitting the Garnet sock pattern which I love.
The colour is called Poolside with Hockney and is a lovely sky blue.  I wanted a colour that would photograph well, Morag was happy with either of my choices but I decided to go with this over the pink as despite it being a colour I have a lot of I don't have any socks in it!

Finally, preparation for the new carpet is going ahead.  Our hall is pretty much cleared out, this is the before shot (after will come in 2 weeks).
 The hall now feels huge; we've taken out 3 bookcases and put them in the dining room for the moment.
The lounge has also lost a bookcase, and has another that's now mostly empty.   Everything in here has to go in the dining room for Thursday week, then over that weekend all three bedrooms have to be emptied.   It's going to be a messy time, but should look fantastic.   The new carpet is grey again, but instead of light grey it's dark so should make the room look warmer, and of course our toes will be cosy too.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man hate those awful bills thinking of you guys xx

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The quilt is looking fantastic!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, might be able to get around the plumber; hit a supply store this morning and got $12 worth of bits to replace the toilet washer and the outside tap as those are the urgent bits.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank-you; just trying to work out if I can fit the quilt and backing on the trampoline to spray-baste it; the grass is too damp

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