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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not much happening

Last few days I've not got much done; trousers are all ready to do waist and hems, but I've not got any further as the IBS has come back to haunt me along with that time of the month; normally the latter isn't really a problem aside from its tendency to set off IBS, but this time the nurofen hasn't really been working very well so I've had real problems concentrating.
Sorry work, this has affected you too.  An example of my lack of concentration happened this afternoon when it was time for me to pick Ian up from school, I shut the door and then realised the keys in my hand weren't for the house, they were for the car.   No cellphone on me either, just my knitting. I popped into the school office who were nice enough to let me ring Thomas' cellphone so I could leave a message; unfortunately he wasn't available.  We went home and at about 4.30pm I finally got into the house using a nail on the toilet window and then boosting George in so he could open the front door.  I rang Thomas, who had only just got the message I left 1 hour and 40 minutes previously.  One good thing, I got more of the squirrels done, the heads are now complete so not too many more rows to go on the colourwork. 

Until that's finished and I have something to show you I thought I'd post a quick ABC about me; I found this on another blog, but I can't remember which one!  I'm changing a couple of the questions; I think putting several of them together would make it too easy for someone to pretend to be me.  

Age: Over 40; not much but enough.  
Bed size:  King, love it!
Chores that you hate:  All of them, I'd rather be knitting
Dogs: Want one, have a cat instead.
Essential start to your day:  Must have my watch on, feel naked without it.
Favorite color: Peacock
Gold or Silver: Probably gold, but the lighter one; can't stand the brash version.
Height: 5'5"
Instruments you play: the stereo, that's an instrument right?
Job title: Outworker and Mum
Kids:  2 boys; love them both (George and Ian)
Live: Shakey city!
Mice: luckily I'm ok with these as the cats keep bringing them in and then I have to catch them and put them back outside.
Nicknames: None in real life, online I'm Sable or Sewsable
Overnight hospital stays: Appendicitis when a kid, laparoscopy that went wrong in my 20's and 2 not-straightforward birth experiences.
Pet peeves: using the wrong words like "boy" instead of "buoy"
Quote from a movie or TV show: I'll be back!
Right or Lefty: Righty
Siblings: One younger brother
Time you wake up: Before I'm ready normally
Underwear: Comfy lowcut cotton, usually American Eagle brand
Vegetable you hate: Parsnips and Turnips
What makes you run late: Family
X-Rays You’ve Had: only at the dentists
Yummy food you make: Russian Fudge
Zoo Animal:Red panda; so cute!


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