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Monday, May 28, 2012


Looks like the car might be ok after all, fingers are crossed.  The overflow pipe was pointing in the wrong direction; phew!   I have to keep an eye on it which I will do.  I also dropped into a plumbing place and now have the bits I need to fix the main plumbing issues myself.   I'll probably do that this coming weekend as I want Thomas around for just in case.

Socks are halfway through the first cable and looking good, photo later

Quilt is now sandwiched and pin-basted.  I tried using 505 spray, but my can was pretty old and just didn't do a good job; will get a new can when funds allow.   Tomorrow I'll machine baste the edges and ditch it before starting the FMQ in individual triangles.   Downside of using an old blanket is that edges are a bit wavy and I think there will be some bits on the back that aren't quite smooth.  Not much I can do about that seeing as I'm determined to make this blanket useable.   Quilt will need to be trimmed down slightly on the long edges.

More tidying done, sewing room is looking better again.

Oh and finally I tried She Chocolatier's hot chocolate today; swoon!   Best thing ever!!!!


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